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Gain the Competitive Edge

TechEdge Business

Exclusive Training Series for Forward-Thinking Business Owners

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    n today's fast-moving business landscape, staying ahead means embracing change and innovation. The TechEdge Business Series equips you with the knowledge to navigate and apply AI and emerging technologies effectively in your business operations. 

TechEdge Business is more than just training. It prompts you to fundamentally shift how you view and adapt to the digital era. Tailored for proactive business owners, this series encourages you to rethink your strategies and seize the opportunities presented by the digital transformation. 


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Dr. Annelize Booysen is recognized as one of the Top 100 Women of the Future in Emerging Tech and is the founder-architect of Your Global Village, a future-focused global business community.
As a global citizen who has lived in 9 countries on 4 continents, she leverages her international perspective and background in economics to support businesses in preparing for the Future of Business.

A former university lecturer, Dr. Booysen has pivoted to focus on entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology. She created TechEdge Business, a series of workshops designed to equip forward-thinking business owners with the knowledge to effectively navigate and apply AI and emerging technologies in their operations. Additionally, she hosts Immersive Tech Masterminds and has been a featured speaker at workshops, international conferences, and industry summits. She is an active member of the Meta Shapers and Top 100 communities, connecting with a global network of renowned Frontier Technology experts.


While her focus is on tech, she isn’t a “techie,” making her relatable to a wide audience. Years of experience in serving businesses with systems and structures have given her a deep understanding of the need for results and outcomes. Dr. Booysen brings this understanding and structure to her consulting and training, ensuring clients unlock their potential and gain a competitive edge.

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Elevate Your Business with cutting-edge AI & AR/VR Tech


   he TechEdge Business Series is an exclusive suite of training modules designed for  business owners who want to integrate AI and other new technologies into their operations. Each module provides practical insights and strategies for applying technology to improve your business.

This series is designed for those who aim to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape, offering the knowledge needed to make informed decisions and find opportunities for growth.  


Level 1

Foundational Insights



Introduction to AI and its industry applications

You'll be introduced to AI, highlighting its transformative impact across various industries and showcasing broad applications.

  • Basics of AI

  • Understanding key concepts

  • The Big Picture

  • Practical applications across industries

Duration: 2 hours



Exploring Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

This provides foundational knowledge on augmented and virtual realities, detailing their definitions, differences, applications, and future potential.

  • Understanding Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

  • The practical applications

  • Future Trends

Duration: 2 hours

Level 2

Practical AI Applications



Mastering ChatGPT

Focuses on maximizing the potential of ChatGPT, from basic to advanced techniques, enabling effective utilization for various applications.

  • ChatGPT Introduction

  • Advanced prompting techniques

  • Hands-on implementation with live feedback

Duration: 2 hours



Comprehensive AI-Generated Content Creation

Learn how to use AI to create engaging visual content, presentations, and effective landing pages.

  • Text-to-Image

  • AI-generated presentations

  • AI-generated landing pages

  • Hands-on implementation with live feedback

Duration: 2 hours



Advanced Digital Marketing with AI

Teaches innovative marketing strategies using AI, focusing on dynamic video content and interactive QR codes.

  • AI-generated videos

  • QR Codes

  • Your AI Marketing Framework

  • Hands-on implementation with live feedback

Duration: 2 hours

Level 3

Advanced Applications in AR/VR and Digital Identity



AR/VR in Marketing & Immersive Customer Journeys

Explores the use of AR and VR in marketing to create immersive customer journeys, introducing concepts of the metaverse.

  • Using AR/VR for marketing

  • Creating Immersive Customer Journey Experiences

  • Hands-on implementation with live feedback

Duration: 2 hours



Digital Twins, Digital Triplets and Avatars

Builds on the understanding of VR and immersive technologies to delve into digital twins and avatar creation, highlighting their significance in digital spaces.

  • Digital twins and triplets

  • Creating a digital twin

  • Personal Avatars

  • Hands-on implementation with live feedback

Duration: 2 hours

Level 4

Strategic Planning & Business Operations Optimization



Strategic Planning and Accountability with AI

 Discusses strategic planning and accountability using AI, offering tools and methods to achieve business goals.

  • Plan on a Page

  • Smart Accountability

  • Hands-on implementation with live feedback

Duration: 2 hours



Efficient Management with AI-powered OKR's

Focuses on the implementation and management of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), emphasizing AI's role in enhancing efficiency.

  • Implementing OKRs

  • Leveraging AI for business management

  • Hands-on implementation with live feedback

Duration: 2 hours



AI for Financial Management and Advanced Digital Twin Applications

Covers the use of AI in cash flow management and explores advanced applications of digital twins in business operations.

  • AI for financial management

  • Advanced applications of digital twins

  • Hands-on implementation with live feedback

Duration: 2 hours

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Live trainings done on Zoom. Ask us about  the upcoming dates.

In-person group trainings available upon request  

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Structured learning frameworks that simplify the complex into easy-to-implement workflows

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Big-picture context with detail-level tools delivered in practical, hands-on workshops

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Navigate Tomorrow's Business Landscape with AI Today
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Thank you so much for your incredible presentation. Your knowledge about the metaverse was nothing short of mind-blowing, and your expertise truly shone through in every aspect. Thank you for your dedication in empowering others through your knowledge.

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Mary Scott
Mary Scott Influence
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   oin the TechEdge Business Series and discover new pathways for growth. It's your step forward in using AI, AR and VR to lead in a changing world.
Today's Innovation, Tomorrow's Success:
Propel Your Business with AI
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      e understand the leap into new technologies can seem daunting. That’s why we’ve designed TechEdge Business to be accessible, practical, and relevant – no matter your current level of tech expertise. Plus, our inclusive community and ongoing support ensure you’re never navigating this journey alone.


      eady to transform your business with the technologies that are shaping the future? Seize the chance to lead in innovation and set new standards in your industry.


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