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Fully Occupied


Your Global Village World

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Our first goal is to expand beyond our model village and populate Phase 1 of Your Global Village World, creating a vibrant community of 100 villages with 1600 'resident' business owners.


This expansion will allow the village to add even more value by creating a super-powered network effect that's enhanced by our village management structure. 

Despite its envisaged size, our unique neighborhoods-of-old community design ensures personal interaction remains at the heart of the community. Initiatives like The Village Weekly newspaper and monthly Speed Collaboration sessions also contribute significantly to strengthening business relationships.

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Why a "Merchant House"? 

Download the Village Backstory here.

These, alongside immersive infrastructure developments, enable residents to experience a sense of belonging and tangible connection that surpasses that found in traditional business communities.

Following that, we'll proceed to Phase 2 of the development with a further 100 villages added to the Your Global Village World network.


Retaining a human-sized structure with personal connection capabilities will govern every expansion to the village.

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