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Tech Tools Training

Artificial Intelligence and NewTech are as much a destination as a journey. As you find your way into this new alternative economy, you need to understand both.

We're moving towards an upgraded version of the entire internet. Call it internet plus or Web3. That's where everything you know and interact with, is evolving into. Here in Your Global Village, we're gearing up to be a viable part of that landscape.

AI, NewTech and Web3 requires more than just familiarity with a set of technologies. It requires a different mindset. By understanding this, you can start weaving these technologies into your businesses to provide a richness that the market is starting to expect and giving yourselves a clear competitive edge. Yet, you shouldn't become a blind follower of technology. Here we make sure you understand the Big Picture so that you become critical thinkers as well.

Technology is a valuable tool that needs circumspection if it is to be used for a greater good.

This is an introduction to the world of AI, NewTech and Web3. From here you can implement the learnings and together, as a learning community, see how and where it can be applied for superior business, impact and community outcomes.


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