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          Immersive platforms, NFT's, virtual reality... all Web3 New Tech to enhance your business but currently out of reach for many of us. However, if you want to stay current and take advantage of this amazing new way to showcase and sell your brand, products and services, it's time to get involved. Here's a safe space and an easy way to get started. 
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Get your own shop & office in our immersive virtual village...


And experience the fun & magic of NewTech as you learn & do business
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Your Global Village

            your own custom-designed 3D virtual office that turns your brand story into a talk trigger. 
            practical learning step-by-step on how to weave Web3 into your business strategy and make more money with innovative customer experiences.  
And imagine
                   the profit-multiplying effect of a community of neighbours who not only can buy your products & services, but also introduce you to their customers. 
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We look forward to welcoming you to our Village...

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What's my shop rental?
A once-off fee of $497 for set up and design of your personal 3D brand story & office space and then only $97 per month.

I have to say, this is one of the most unique, beautiful and creative communities I've ever had the opportunity to be a part of. Thank you so much for giving Wealthy Wise Woman a beautiful and welcoming home.

Susan Ritter
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How It Works



Get introduced to everyone, settle in & move into your custom-designed Merchant House 



Share your value with the Village and their network as you step onto a range of  managed spotlights



Establish yourself as part of the family, adding to the Village economy and the wider Village impact

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Your Village Journey

You'll never be left to your own devices to figure it out for yourself. Your personalized Village Journey will ensure that you start reaping benefits in a matter of weeks.  

Community in 3D

in 3D

in 3D


Web3 Rethinking


Immersion Basics

Immersion Events

Immersion Business

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Immersive, community and collaborative: that's the future of business. Be part of creating that new world by being part of Your Global Village. 

Some of our Village Residents

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Our Story, So Far

Are you ready to join our
by-invitation-only community?

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