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5 Ways We Can Work Together

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Why Write Now, Why Right Now?

A short e-book with the Top Ten Things to do to swiftly move you past procrastination and straight into getting started with your writing. Now. Right now.


Let’s Write Fiction

An invaluable book to have by your side as you write your first novel. A set of do-it-on-your-own guided lessons to help you every step of the way. It comes with a 1-year membership to the Let's Write Fiction Club with monthly online meetings to ask questions and get feedback.


Your Business Has a Story

A 2-hour workshop specifically for business owners to find the real story of their business, and expertly craft it into a compelling narrative. Using the principles of fiction writing, we turn a dull story into a riveting page turner that speaks to your customers, inspires your team and breathes life into your marketing material.

A small-group setting to help you find the voice of your business.


The Thriller, Mystery & Suspense Course

Looking to write mystery, a thriller or suspense? Have I got the class for you! We use Virtual Reality to spark your imagination and enhance your writing so you can come up with thrilling stories. These novels are in high demand and have a huge following. We will work together to make sure your novel captivates readers and stand out in the crowd.


You, Me & Your Book

Have you been sitting with an idea for a book for the 5 years but just not getting yourself to move forward on it? Then let's work together because that story needs to be told. I'll work with you to review your idea and/or what you've written so far, set up an individual writing plan and be right there with you as you bring your story to life, ready publication.

How I Bring Value

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1:1 Coaching


Individual writing plans

Everyone has a story to tell. Some want to write a book. But most find it a daunting task with no idea of how to get started.

With guidance, encouragement and support I help people become writers who overcome their fears and get their book finished and ready to offer to an agent or a publisher. But most of all I help them unlock their writing skills to influence others.

Old Window

Everyone has a story to tell.
Let’s start yours.

- Rebecka Vigus


Several years ago, I had the pleasure of taking a creative writing course with the talented instructor, Rebecka. From the outset, I was struck by her ability to customize her coaching approach to match my specific writing interests and goals. Throughout the course, Rebecka challenged me with a variety of detailed writing assignments which helped me brainstorm and develop my own unique story. As I progressed, her insightful feedback and critiques proved invaluable in moving the plot along and crafting more, compelling characters.Thanks to Rebecka's expert guidance and personalized instruction, I not only improved my writing skills but also gained confidence in my ability to succeed as a writer. If you're looking to hone your craft or take your writing to the next level, I highly recommend working with Rebecka. Her passion for writing and commitment to her students are truly unmatched.

Caitlin Turner, Student


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