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How We Bring Value

The Problem we solve


The Promise we make


Design, Plan and Implement the Change

As a business owner, senior executive and leader aiming to create abundance through impact and relevance, you need to find the opportunities, manage the challenges and steer the business effectively  to your goals. This requires process insight and knowing how constant change impacts, and at the same time leads to new ways of doing. The challenge lies in where to start, what to look for and how to realise the changes. Any change.

Imagine your organization as a yacht, navigating the sea of change. Our expertise functions like navigation (charting the course & aligning change with goals), sails (catching the winds of innovation and opportunity & propelling you forward) and engines
(driving progress when winds are calm & ensuring steady momentum). As your co-sailors, we guide and assist you to steer purposefully and embrace change for its potential, ensuring lasting success and reaching new destinations.

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5 Ways We Can Work Together

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VIP Yacht Club membership 

Monthly focus-group discussion on ideas for process improvement and smart tech thinking


Readiness Assessment

Is your businesses geared for change?
This online 30 minute assessment and discussion provides insights into your change readiness and actions to be taken.


Planning the Change

This innovative 90 minute on-line Business X-ray defines the key processes, what should and could change and how.


The Change Sprint

This high value, high impact 4 week programme includes

The readiness Assessment
The Positioning Map
Mapping of 5 as-is processes to improved processes with Smart Tech options
Action Lists to implement  the process change.


The Change Journey

The ultimate practical change journey where projects and tasks are implemented and goals achieved through process, people and smart technology.

A walkthrough of our product suite

I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.

- Jimmy Dean


VIP Yacht Club



"How to create imagineers in my business"


Date: 4 May 2023

VIP Yacht Club


"How to make data privacy a competitive advantage"


Date: 11 May 2023

Outdoor Seating

Get to Know Us


"We will continue with you being part of our implementation team. We appreciate the easy manner in which your team integrates with our global team, you are accepted and trusted as an extension of the team.  What is commendable is that you ask questions until you are clear on the situation and then you provide the feedback based on clear understanding and facts."

Jaco Brusse, CEO, Visualfabriq Netherlands


Where To Find Us

Cape Town, South Africa

The Hague, The Netherlands

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