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Jenetta Barry

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The way you communicate with your team, partners, colleagues, clients isn’t effective and you’re not getting the results that you want. Listening and responding from fear or extreme judgement (guilt / pride) impairs being specific, clear and certain when communicating. Because of that others can be holding back with ideas, solutions, and confirming accurate understanding of your requirements. This shuts down accurate interactive communication and prevents everyone from seeing and owning the bigger picture. Your business can’t really thrive. 

You will no longer be bogged down with anxiety about conflict and instead gain the ability to handle challenges with clarity and certainty. Interactive communication becomes clear and others feel safe and even inspired in contributing and collaborating. This not only brings a more balanced approach to any business situation, but also activates succinct analytical skills which ensure clear-cut and simpler decision-making abilities.

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5 Ways We Can Work Together

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World Jenny's Day

A year-long program that celebrates art and the arts in promoting mental well-being and normalizing the conversation around depression. With monthly online gatherings, a World Jenny's Day Augmented Reality pin and a Cycle Safari Fundraising Tour, the program leads up to October 10th, which is Mental Health Day. A 24 hour Arts Marathon celebrates the day, ending with a star-studded Gala event in the evening. 


1:1 Conversation

A 20 minute introductory 

conversation with Jenetta to get clarity on triggers and patterns that have been holding you back. 



An hour-long  group workshop that teaches one of the principles of The Epiphany process, diving deep into the concept of black and white, light and dark and where wisdom can be found. 


The Epiphany Process

The Epiphany Process provides you with invaluable life skills    
With this private online course where you spend 1:1 time with Jenetta, you have the opportunity to learn how to get released from the grips of your triggers and move beyond the blows of your life. Understand the limiting patterns that have been holding you down and emerge with new insights that will help you live a fuller life.  


Epiphany Process Plus

This combines The Epiphany Process with a range of other valuable skills and covers all areas of life. An in-person African retreat that starts with the Epiphany Process and continues with skills around money and investment, personal expression and other areas of life. A unique opportunity to take time out and get clarity on important things in life. 

Challenge is where Genius finds itself …

- Jenetta Barry


We Are


The Epiphany Process from moment to moment, has given me the ability to powerfully and constructively absorb and manage anything that life throws at me.
It has positively impacted all areas of my life from trust - to physical - to finances- to relationships - right through to my work.

Jenny Fletcher - CEO Ariya Finergy


Where To Find Me

United Kingdom

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