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Jenetta Barry

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The way you communicate with your team, partners, colleagues, clients isn’t effective and you’re not getting the results that you want. Listening and responding from fear or extreme judgement (guilt / pride) impairs being specific, clear and certain when communicating. Because of that others can be holding back with ideas, solutions, and confirming accurate understanding of your requirements. This shuts down accurate interactive communication and prevents everyone from seeing and owning the bigger picture. Your business can’t really thrive. 

You will no longer be bogged down with anxiety about conflict and instead gain the ability to handle challenges with clarity and certainty. Interactive communication becomes clear and others feel safe and even inspired in contributing and collaborating. This not only brings a more balanced approach to any business situation, but also activates succinct analytical skills which ensure clear-cut and simpler decision-making abilities.

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Is your past draining your business?

Through taking the opportunity for an initial free assessment with Jenetta,  you will be able to pinpoint where and why the challenges are happening with specific people and situations within your company.


Business Communication Audit

Choose to step into a personal 30-min/1 hour consultation with Jenetta. Delve into your business and specifically find where emotional cues could be derailing your efforts.


Expand your entrepreneurial gas tank

Have you noticed how you feel high and motivated at a conference, and then find you fall flat once you get home?   
Or how a time like the December holidays and New Year change your emotions and can often leave you feeling equally flat?     Learn how to skillfully deal with the highs and lows, by managing emotions which often distract and blindside reasoning.  


Business Partnerships that work

The Epiphany Process provides you with skills, and all skills require fine-tuning and consistent application and practice.   
With this online course, you have the opportunity to more masterfully deal with conflict and to focus on making  partnerships work. This 4-week course includes homework, and is good for Client Partners, Colleague and Business Partnerships.


Epiphany Process for Business

There is always more than one story when dealing with challenging situations. Over-analysis and emotions tend to leave us running a limiting and distorted one-sided perception “Story”.  You'll learn the skills that enable you to take a giant step back to identify that limiting story. You are able to move from that one-sided REALITY story and master becoming balanced, focused, clear and accurate - into a place of ACTUALITY - The Accurate Story.

Challenge is where Genius finds itself …

- Jenetta Barry


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The Epiphany Process from moment to moment, has given me the ability to powerfully and constructively absorb and manage anything that life throws at me.
It has positively impacted all areas of my life from trust - to physical - to finances- to relationships - right through to my work.

Jenny Fletcher - CEO Ariya Finergy


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United Kingdom

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