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Your Global Village

A Unique Metaverse World for Global Entrepreneurs 


Your Bridge to the Future of Business

Your Global Village is a vibrant community of business people using these changing times to grow their businesses AND make a difference in the world.

We help first-mover business owners & CEO's to extend their businesses into the metaverse and implement Web 3 business applications. 

That means they're generating new business for today while positioning themselves for tomorrow - without complexity and having to figure it out for themselves.

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YGV Website panels (800 × 800 px) (2).png
YGV Website panels (800 × 800 px) (2).png

Your world is changing.
Are you getting ready?

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Tech is changing. Your clients are changing.

Not only are they adapting to change, but you're also attracting a new generation of consumers.

Consider this: most of the purchasing power now lies with those who are native to the digital world, growing up with digital devices in their hands.


Age Group

Gen Z

10 - 24 Years

25 - 40 Years

$360 Billion

Gen Z's have


Age Group

Millenials have

$2.5 Trillion

in Disposable Income

18 - 34 Years

Age Group


make up

in Disposable Income

Source: Bloomberg

of all Gamers


It means that a new type of consumer is emerging - a digital native with significant disposable income.

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The New Consumer

New consumer

Shopping Online


with an


For the New Consumer, their online avatar identities are just as important as their offline real-life identities. They want to merge those two worlds.

They also have different expectations.

They want experiences, not just transactions. 

They want to belong, not just visit.

They want to co-create, not just receive.


They prefer to shop online instead of in-person. Very soon they'll prefer to shop in a metaverse world, instead of online.

Your Clients
Contemplating how to get future-ready

Will your business thrive in this changed world?

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We can help

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Your Global Village is your Bridge to The Future of Business.

With us, you'll get:


Your own Merchant House, a custom-designed 3D virtual office space

"Residence" in a virtual commerce-focused virtual village

A close-knit supportive community of inspiring high-achievers

Targeted and productive network introductions
Facilitated and managed collaboration opportunities  
Introduction to blockchain as a business systems technology
Experiencing NFT's as a marketing tool
First-hand experience in tokenomics
Familiarity with doing business in the metaverse

Legacy building through business-linked impacts

What we do:

Business Now.png


Impact Every Day.png

Impact Every Day

Business Tomorrow.png

Business Tomorrow

We enable business growth today. Curated and facilitated collaborations & shared extended networks benefit every one of our Village Residents and fuel a vibrant Village Economy.

Everything that happens in the Village is linked to improving the quality of life of someone else in the world. We build life legacies through everyday choices, not some-day strategies.

We prepare for the business growth of tomorrow by offering a gentle on-ramp into the Future of Business. Through Learning-by-Doing you'll not only survive these changing times, but positively thrive.

To understand it

you need to experience it

What We're Doing
Susan Round TX.png

Susan Ritter

I have to say, this is one of the most unique, beautiful and creative communities I've ever had the opportunity to be a part of. Thank you so much for giving Wealthy Wise Woman a beautiful and welcoming home.

Wealthy Wise Woman

Your Village Journey

YGV Website panels (800 × 800 px) (1080 × 1300 px) (2).png

You'll never be left to your own devices having to figure it out for yourself. Our curated 9-step Village Journey gets you integrated into the community & learning in the matter of days, so that you can start reaping benefits as soon as you can. 


This is what you can expect. 

9 Step Journey - 1.png
  • Insider Walking Tour

  • Directory Hot Line

  • Inner Circle

9 Step Journey - 2.png
  • Shopfront

  • Interior Design

  • Advisory Board & Jury

9 Step Journey - 3.png
  • Housewarming Party

  • Magic & Value Video

  • Metaverse Experience

9 Step Journey - 6.png
  • Bookstore

  • YGV100FM

  • Salon Soirée *

9 Step Journey - 7.png
  • Village Connects

  • Speed Collaborations

  • The Village Weekly

9 Step Journey -5.png
  • Plan on a Page *

  • Stages Plan

  • Village Events

9 Step Journey - 8.png
  • Impact Road Map

  • Village Impact 

  • Impact 5.0 Award

9 Step Journey - 4.png
  • Slow Leaks Plan

  • ROI Opportunities

  • Village Dashboard

9 Step Journey - 9.png
  • Village Web3

  • Business Web3 *

  • Village Ecosystem

* Tiered-level optional extras

Learning-by-Doing will seamlessly take you from where you are now to a new way of doing business.


This is what you'll experience and learn along the way.

Community in 3D

Business in 3D

Metaverse Immersion: Getting Your Feet Wet

Metaverse Immersion: Event Management

Metaverse Immersion: Business Functionality

Brand in 3D

Web3 Business: Introducing the Basics - Blockchain, NFT's and more

Web3 Business: Rethinking Business Concepts

Web3 Business: Integrating Web3 Into Your Business

Cultivate community and immersive 3D Experiences as an extension of your current real-life businessin a Metaverse World designed for entrepreneurs like you.

Get ready.


You're about to place your business in a class of its own. 

Your Village Journey
YGV Website panels (800 × 800 px) (1080 × 1300 px) (5).png
YGV Website panels (800 × 800 px) (1080 × 1300 px) (4).png

Our Metaverse World

YGV Website panels (800 × 800 px) (1080 × 1300 px) (4).png

The Your Global Village virtual landscape comprises

Counties, Villages and Merchant Houses.

Why a Merchant House?  Download the Village Backstory here.

YGV Website panels (800 × 800 px) (8).png

Take a stroll through our Founders Village, Global Square, to see how other hand-picked entrepreneurs have set themselves up for the future. 

Want to get a better understanding of Village Life?

What is YGV
YGV World with Counties.png
Open for Patron Bookings 
Open for Bookings 
Fully Occupied

Your Global Village Metaverse World

YGV Metaverse World

Some of our Village Residents

YGV Website panels (800 × 800 px) (4).png
YGV Website panels (800 × 800 px) (2).png


Your business. With a home in the Metaverse. 

Not in isolation. Not just a virtual office. Not just business.

But a unique new way of doing business. The Future of Business.


It's possible. Sooner and easier than you think.

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Your Home
YGV Website panels (800 × 800 px) (2).png

Where we're going

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These are the milestones that will see us creating the 
Your Global Village Metaverse World over the next 5 years.

YGV Website panels (800 × 800 px) (1080 × 1300 px) (6).png

December 2027

YGV Development Road Map

Web 2 Model Village launched

July 2021

December 2022

Web 2.5 Model Village inaugurated

July 2022

5 Villages with a Metaverse Public Space

10 Villages with Metaverse Private Spaces

December 2023

December 2024

20 Villages in Your Global Village Metaverse World

December 2025

December 2026

40 Villages with Future of Business Ph 1

70 Villages with Future of Business Ph2

100 Villages with Future of Business Ph3


Our Story, So Far

Are you ready to join our
by-invitation-only community?

YGV Website panels (800 × 800 px) (1080 × 1300 px) (5).png
Road Map
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