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    n a world where staying ahead means embracing change, YourBusinessEdge is your ticket to mastering AI in business.

YourBusinessEdge is more than just training – it’s a shift in perspective. Designed for forward-thinking business owners, it teaches you and your expanded team to reimagine your approach and capitalize on digital evolution.


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Dr Annelize Booysen is one of the Top 100 Women of the Future in Emerging Tech and the founder-architect of Your Global Village, a future-focussed global business community.

A global citizen, having lived in 9 countries on 4 continents, she's used her international perspective and her background in economics to create an engaged, hyper-personal community that enables time-strapped entrepreneurs to prepare for the Future of Business, without complexity or the need for a big budget.

A former university lecturer, she has shifted her focus to entrepreneurship, innovation and technology. In 2023 she created the Introduction to Metaverse Technologies series of 7 hands-on workshops for the "residents" of Your Global Village. She also hosted a series of 5 Immersive Tech Mastermind presentations with international speakers, including Dr Martha Boeckenfeld, Paul Dunn and Akhil Patel, and has been a featured speaker at training workshops, organizational conferences and industry summits. She is an active member of the Meta Shapers community with its global network of world-renowned Frontier Technology experts, whose insights she weaves into her workshops.   

While her focus is on tech, she isn't a "techie", making her relatable. Years of serving entrepreneurs with systems and structures have brought a clear understanding of their need for results and outcomes. She brings this understanding and structure to her training, ensuring that participants leave with insights, templates and a new super power. These aren't fire hose sessions that leave you confused. Instead, you'll leave knowing what's possible and what do to next to give your business the edge.  
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Advance Your Business with AI

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  ourBusinessEdge has a unique, holistic approach, exploring how AI can be applied not just as a quick fix to one area, but as part of an business-wide AI strategy that spans across teams.

We delve into your business, looking at how AI can be used to your advantage. From sustainability to business growth to delivering on your customer promise, AI can make a difference. Depending on your specific needs, these are some of the topics we can cover.



Financial Fortitude
with AI 

Use AI to streamline your financial management, do your cash flow planning and give you vastly better insights to decide your next move


Winning New Customers
with AI

Discover how to use AI for more effective customer engagement and marketing.


PROFITABILITY Crafting Sustainable 
Success with AI

Understand strategies for maintaining profitability in a dynamic market using AI.


Create Exceptional Teams with AI

Find out how AI can enhance your approach to hiring and retaining top talent.


COMPLIANCE  Navigate Regulation
with AI

Learn to manage regulatory requirements efficiently with AI-driven tools.


Fund Your
with AI

Use AI to help you find the best options, prepare the perfect pitch deck and prepare you for the pitch.


Expanding Your Business Horizon with AI

Gain insights and techniques in  using AI for scaling your business operations.


EFFICIENCY  Time Management with AI

See how AI can help you manage time and optimize your business processes.


AGILITY Navigating Economic Shifts with AI

Use AI to understand and adapt to changing economic conditions.


STRATEGY Planning and strategizing
with AI

Learn to use AI to craft your business plans and create robust business strategies for staying ahead.

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Once-off or Monthly
- Your Choice

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Structured Learning Frameworks that Simplify the Complex into Easy-to-Implement Workflows

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Big-picture Context with Ground Level Tools delivered in practical, hands-on workshops

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A Real-World Guide to
Advancing Your Business with AI
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Annelize always draws in so much value and presents it in a way that makes the information relevant to me as a business owner. I don't have time to just do these things for the fun of it - although it is a lot of fun. My time must have an ROI, and this is where these presentations excel. She's cut through all the choices, played with them, and brings us the best tools to meet a specific business need.

And it pays off. Utilizing the tools I've learned through these presentations has doubled my productivity and reduced my administrative support costs to a 1/3. That's given me more time for my clients and for my family.

If you're not learning how to leverage the new technologies available today, then you will be left behind. It's harsh, but it's reality. I recommend you find out more about what YourBusinessEdge is all about.

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Susan Ritter
Wealthy Wise Woman
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Your Investment

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Larger Team

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      ith YourBusinessEdge, you're not just signing up your team for training; you're opening up a new world of growth for them. Use the power of AI to stay ahead, innovate, and thrive in the evolving business landscape.
Elevate your Business's Tomorrow, Today
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      e understand the leap into new technologies can seem daunting. That’s why we’ve designed YourBusinessEdge to be accessible, practical, and relevant – no matter your current level of tech expertise. Plus, our inclusive community and ongoing support ensure you’re never navigating this journey alone.


      re you ready to elevate your business with the tools and strategies for tomorrow? Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be at the forefront of business innovation.


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