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How we Bring Value

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We simplify and humanize the task of caring for life.

We create patient centered health care systems where the professionals can focus on what matters.

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5 Ways We Can Work Together







Vivaldi's Conversation

We invite you to join in on a dialogue to deeply understand you as a client, your needs and recall your purpose as to why you are in healthcare.


Medical equipment sales and service

We import and sell medical devices with a focus on EMT / Urgencies, to clients with service (training, preventive maintenance) and also to resellers (normally without service as they perform those services). This is interesting for manufacturers of medical equipment to have representatives in Colombia.


Amigo Corazon

We specialize with the brand Amigo Corazon ® in implementing and maintaining “Zonas cardiprotegidas ®” in which we prepare companies and spaces or events to adequately face an event of sudden cardiac arrest (and some other minor medical emergencies).


Humanitarian aid

We deliver medical equipment and supplies (mostly medical consumables) to clients that work in Humanitarian aid, working with refugees and natural disasters. We are working in establishing supply chains and higher value solutions. We are working in South America and starting to quote for projects in Europe and plan to enter Africa.


Vivaldi people

We are activating / creating a community to invite healthcare workers to care for themselves to be able to care better for others. As we strive for a healthcare system in which the patient is the center, the professionals have to be stable (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) and have excellent processes / tools at hand.

Simplify and humanize the task to care for life.

- Vivaldi

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Get to Know Us


"We are very happy and with clear knowledge, very open to questions and suggestions. He knew how to develop and solve all of them in a very professional and human way. It only remains to thank the entire Hospital Engineering team for that attention, professionalism and above all, for that human quality of reaching out and listening to people."

Yeiber Valencia; Airplan S.A.S. Operator of Health topics at a group of airports

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