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Front-line healthcare workers have become disappointed with the health profession, becoming dissatisfied with an ever increasing fill-out-the-form type of healthcare that is displacing true healing as a focus and the patient as the centre. Their disenchantment is fueled by frustration and a sense that, every day, they're moving further away from the very reason why they entered the profession in the first place.  

We are here to return front-line healthcare workers to living their true calling. We follow a dual approach. First, we provide easy-to-use add-on technology enablers and services that simplify essential administrative tasks and greatly reduce the time they require. Second, we focus on the well-being of healthcare workers, supporting them to  bring their best to the profession and to do so without personal sacrifice.

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Through a 1:1 conversation, we get to understand the client needs and dive deeper into their stories for wanting to either prevent medical emergencies or why they are in healthcare.


Medical Equipment

We supply medical devices and their servicing with a focus on EMT / Emergency Medicine. We welcome interest from medical equipment manufacturers who would like to have representatives in Colombia.


Amigo Corazon®

With Amigo Corazon® we implement and maintain “Zonas cardiprotegidas ®” where we prepare companies, public venues and events to be prepared to handle emergencies of guests suffering cardiac arrest. We focus on a full service subscription model where we assume responsibility for our friend “Amigo”.


Humanitarian Aid

We execute projects that deliver medical equipment,  related services and supplies, as well as the full logistics to clients that work in Humanitarian Aid, refugee 

management, natural disasters, hospital infrastructure and those who submit health related international government bids. We work on establishing supply chains and developing high value solutions. We cover South America / Latin America, Europe and  Africa. 


Vivaldi® People

We are building a community of

healthcare professionals where the focus is on the wellbeing of those giving care. We believe that to better care for others, they need support to care for themselves first.  Our vision is a healthcare system where the patient is at the center, the care professionals are physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually well and nurtured and have access to excellent processes & tools. We see a world where health care professionals are truly connected to their purpose and proud of their contribution.

Simplify and humanize the task of caring for life.

- Vivaldi®

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Get to Know Us


"We are very happy and with clear knowledge, the team of Vivaldi® is very open to questions and suggestions. They knew how to develop and solve all the issues in a very professional and human way. It only remains to thank the entire Vivaldi team for that attention, professionalism and above all, for that human quality of reaching out and listening to people."

Yeiber Valencia; Airplan S.A.S. Operator of Health topics at a group of airports

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