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My Favorite Quote

Because I walk, it becomes a path. If I don't, weeds will grow.

My Three Stories

Annelize Booysen Three Stories Framed.png


1:00 - Part 1 -Annelize’s backstory of her early travel and adventure experience
3:20 - More key moments and then working in different countries
7:20 -  Life philosophy that guides Annelize
10:16 - Partnering with ideas
11:20 - Part 2 -Working with new villagers at Your Global Village
15:00 - The 9 step pathway for new villages
17:20 - Business results of villagers and creating a village economy
19:40 - Translating the brand identity into a 3D merchant house for villagers
22:20 - Part 3 - How are you creating impact and looking back in the last 5 years from year 2027
25:40 - Contributing as a creator 

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