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You understand the need and value of having a comprehensive business dashboard to steer your business. Yet you don't have the time, the team or the know-how to turn your numbers into a powerful management tool that tells a story.

Imagine having your own personalized business dashboard delivered to you every month, ready for review and taking action on based on the story it tells. Finally start using your business numbers, instead of stringing together a few stray numbers that only gives you hindsight, not foresight.

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"Depth is what's needed"

An e-book that explains what you your growing enterprise needs to scale and what to pay attention to. What worked before will only take you so far. It's time to look at the next level to ensure that things things stay on track and you know what is happening at any given moment as you hit bigger numbers .  


Plan on a Page

Reaching your revenue targets starts with having a strong quarterly strategy plan. It doesn't have to take days to put together though. Our layered, guided approach helps you to think through the basics and delivers an easy-reference one-pager strategy within minutes of you answering the final question.  


Financial Report

A quick glance at your bank balance won't tell you what you need to know. With our Financial Dashboard we give you a comprehensive overview of your financial numbers, lifting the hood to understand why they look the way that they do and finding opportunities to focus on. Bookkeeping services are an optional extra.


CEO Insight Report

Understand what is happening in your business while you still have time to do something about it. This report  gives you a complete overview , showing what is contributing to which outcome. Your report is delivered with a 1:1 review with specific recommendations of your priority areas to focus on. Use this report for your board meetings or management reviews.


Your Global Village with Impact Dashboard

A metaverse community for Global Entrepreneurs for those who believe in impact through entrepreneurship. We're about doing business, creating impact and remaining relevant in a fast-paced new world. With wall-to-wall high-touch support,  the Village is your personal connection to the future of business, with a dashboard to track your impact.  

A walk through of my product suite

Because I walk, it becomes a path.

If I don't, weeds will grow.

- Mitsue Aida

Where To Find Me

Metro-Detroit, USA

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