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Trends & Tactics

As 2024 approaches, it's essential to understand the (virtual and real) undercurrents that are shaping our future. This masterclass is for the business owner, providing valuable insights about the tech and economic trends unfolding around us. Learn what will be important tomorrow so that you can craft a well- informed strategy for the year to come.

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Annelize Booysen, Your Global Village, explores the evolving tech landscape, highlighting emerging trends and maturing developments that are reshaping the market. Get a sense of where the world is moving to and why you’ve only got a narrow window of opportunity to benefit from it.
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Akhil Patel, Property Sharemarket Economics, shares essential insights about the significance of economic rent and the 18-year property cycle as the driver of broad economic cycles. Learn how the tech evolution feeds into this cycle and what you can expect over the next two to three years.

Starting in 2024, Web3Edge is a members-only training series looking at each part of the business - from finance to customer service to marketing to risk management - to learn how AI and Web3 frontier tech can address the challenges and what Web3 strategies to implement to give you the edge.


10 Guest Slots are currently available. Join one workshop, or all 10 sessions.

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