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Women believe that investing is too hard, too time-consuming, too risky.  They procrastinate getting started or blindly follow conventional wisdom of letting others manage their money.  

They miss out on opportunities, become ripe for exploitation and risk dying in poverty. 

Confidence to invest in a way that fits your genius, lifestyle, and goals to achieve your loftiest dreams.   

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5 Ways We Can Work Together

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Financial Independence Masterclass 

The financial world is in disruption.The best place to find out what is happening is in our topical masterclasses that introduce new financial asset class opportunities and traditional investments that only the very wealthy have used for generation. Start your learning today.


Super W.I.N. Strategy Program

A pre-recorded Do-It-Yourself program in the Wealthy Wise Woman method.  Guided instruction for building a personalized investment portfolio at your own pace, on your own schedule.


Financial Freedom Workshop Series

Not everyone is a novice investor. These group deep dive, 90-minute per day, 3-day workshops

will give you targeted education in a specific investment asset or strategy.

Topics range from investor mindset to options trading to cryptocurrencies.  Pick and choose the ones you are interested in or register for bundles and save.


6-Week S.A.F.E. Lifestyle Investment Mastermind

Join like-minded women who have decided to get their money working for them.  This 6-week program will teach you all you need to know to create and implement a personal, diversified investment portfolio that fits your interests, goals, and risk tolerance so that you may achieve your dreams faster than you thought possible.


S.A.F.E. Lifestyle Investment Program

High-touch, customized approach to learning and implementing what you need to create a diversified investment portfolio that fits your own unique genius, risk tolerance, personality and schedule.  This 12-week one-on-one program teaches the different asset classes, their purpose and how to select and combine the best ones for you into a portfolio that will achieve financial independence and freedom without risking your current lifestyle.

Walk through my product suite

Your future is what you create.

- Susan Ritter


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Global Citizen (on our way to Central America) 

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"Susan understood what was important for me and assisted me in determining why I should invest and what technique I should employ.I got my entire crypto investment portfolio setup, learned about stock investments and even purchased my house in the first three months of the program."

Michelle C.

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