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Lourdes Gant

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Wealth Dynamics: MECHANIC

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Business owners and leaders need someone to echo how they can go to their next level even before they're ready for it. If you're busy in the day to day operations of your business, you may not have taken the time to know what your next level is.

I am a visionary business woman, who helps business owners and leaders to create a plan and strategy to help them to be fulfilled in the 3 pillars of sustainability: Leadership, Partnership, and Stewardship.

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Lead Well, Live Well

Get my Scorecard + Success Blueprint to take steps to become re-energized as you prioritize the things that matter the most (no matter how drained, overwhelmed or uninspired you feel.)


Shared Network

A 6-month program to help you with your leadership and partnership pillar goals. Build deeper customer relation- ships, Provide more complete solutions, Accelerate business development, Be more satisfied in your business,  Create a competitive advantage.


90 Day Next Level Mentoring Program

Create an exit strategy to sell the business completely or go to a public exchange.  


Brain Trust

I will be your trusted advisor for a year to continue with accountability in your stewardship journey on how to "live your legacy" vs leaving  it.  This is a group mastermind dubbed as "Sustainability BrainTrust."


One year
1:1 Platinum consulting

One year one on one Platinum consulting where I will be your "Sustainability Director".

A walkthrough of my product suite

A vision without structure is a dream.

- Lourdes Gant


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"We’ve been at this for twenty years, but I’ve always struggled to grow our company to its full potential. It was disheartening to see us spinning our wheels on ineffective initiatives. Lourdes Gant offered to help us look at our business through a fresh pair of eyes. The results were instant and impactful. She correctly diagnosed our challenges and was able to direct us to a turn-key system to solve our deep-rooted company issues. In 30 days, we were able to revolutionize the structure and performance of our company. Company morale is at an all-time high, and our clients and partners have taken notice, and our sales are growing. This clarity has also allowed us to decrease our company expenses by $19,000 a month. We feel a new sense of confidence and optimism for the future"

Tatsuya Nakagawa, CEO, 

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