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Get yourself on the invitation list & move right in

Our Villages are not populated. They're carefully curated. Take a look at who we're inviting this month.

         have an established business with a digital presence. You have global aspirations and you believe in making a difference. And, above all, you're really excited by the metaverse and want to be part of it. If this is you, then we have an invitation.  


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           Global Village is a business community. That's why we use the needs of an entrepreneur as a starting point when curating our villages.   

We not only think about what would help their businesses grow. We also look at what will support them as owners who need to lead the way. We consider what would be useful for their wealth building plans, and even extend it to their health & relationship needs.

It truly does takes a village... to grow and thrive in business. We're creating exactly that village.  



We're currently extending an invitation to businesses who are offering:

Trained Virtual Assistants

Supporting clients in routine operational tasks, including scheduling, social media posting management and event support.

Marketing Strategy & Management

Developing marketing strategies across various channels, managing implementation, tracking & data analysis.

Sales Copywriting

Specialist copywriting for improved conversion from websites, sales letters, proposals, marketing material, presentations and scripts.

Content Writing

Creation of social media posts, newsletters, presentations, keynotes, blogs, articles and marketing material for content calendars.

YouTube Funnel Strategy & Management

Strategy development for YouTube, tech set up, content creation & posting management, tracking & data analysis.

Accounting & Bookkeeping 

Supporting clients with accounting set up, monthly bookkeeping and financial year-end closing.

Only ONE business per niche will be added to the community. 

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              love to meet you and hear more about your business to see if it is a good fit for the Village. If it is, we'll explore pathways to extend your business into the metaverse and how to turn it into a profitable business strategy.  

Come & see for yourself what Your Global Village is all about. Be the first in your niche to step up & discover the exciting opportunities waiting for you.  


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