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The Brand Story, as a Design

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As you enter through the front door, you're greeted with a custom-designed planter that depicts a growth curve, implying that when you work with Susan, this is what you can expect.

The room divider is done in hammered copper with flecks of gold leaf, connecting the visitor to a vision of wealth creation, as well as referring to precious metals as an investment class.

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The bank of palms creates a quiet backdrop for conversations about financial freedom and the lifestyle options it can bring forth.

The Wealthy Wise Woman product suite is placed at the top of the growth curve. That is the result that you can expect: growth.

Susan Interior (1).jpg

Hanging Egg Chairs are free-floating and are the ultimate symbol of freedom. Plus, when it gets to finances, you shouldn't be putting all your eggs in the same basket. 

This artwork says it all: gain financial freedom and you'll be able to escape what has been holding you back from having an epic life.

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The Bonsai signifies that Susan's programs are about sustainability and planning for the long term. It's not a quick- fix get-rich program.

Notice the subtle use of gold and copper in the furniture and fixtures. It depicts both luxury from having financial freedom as well as an asset class to invest in.

Modern, light furniture mixed with a few Asian pieces represent freedom, with style.. It's also a nod to Susan's time living in Asia. 

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The Tree implies that you're not limited to working in a small enclosed office. With financial freedom, you can choose to work wherever you want, including under a tree in an exotic location overlooking the ocean. 

The mural transports you to tropical beaches where you can dip your toes into the turquoise blue warm waters. Financial freedom gives you travel options.

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Framed photos remind us of significant moments in life. Susan's product suite - displayed like framed photos - similarly point to significant moments in your financial life as you engage with these products.

Clover is associated with luck and a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. That is why this had to be a clover workshop table. While Susan's programs don't subscribe to luck, she does help you to find your pot of gold and a rainbow. 

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Financial matters can be delicate and discussing it requires privacy. That's why Susan's 1:1 discussions take place in this luxurious enclosed space. With no solid walls, it signifies freedom.

The living wall reflects Susan's philosophy that investment gives you the opportunity to create impact. This connection to nature is related to both an environmental concern and an interest in health. 

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The sheer walls encourage you to imagine what financial freedom could mean for you. Luxury glamping in the Serengeti? A pampering spa treatment? New surroundings?

The S.A.F.E. Lifestyle is both a philosophy and a program. The corner is reserved for hands on ideation about it can mean for you and how to implement it.

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