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Debbie Nicol

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Wealth Dynamics: Creator

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How I Bring Value

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Customised business solutions

Build frameworks, systems, cultures

Design pathways for seamless transition

Strategy, leadership and change

We support decision makers / business owners of mid-big organizations who see obstacles into leading the business to a desired future.  It may be that the leaders: 
don’t know how to; don’t have the time to; don't have the capacity to; recognize the power of unbiased approaches to;   have fear as they have never; their thoughts are not organized enough to;   their desired outcome is not specific enough.
o    their skills are not of the level to.

We solve it through Thinking and Development Processes through Systems Approaches and     Services Solutions, Training and Coaching.  What is important with the way we contribute to organizations is that our USP’s remain evident. We have the ability to ask the right questions and have the tough conversations. We co-create in-house capability and transfer full responsibility. We convert difficult concepts into simplicity.  We work systematically, connecting all components with a 'red thread'. We are authentic, energetic, honest and partnership-focused and we have evidence of deep results and change; maximized results with a minimum of fuss and time.

5 Ways We Can Work Together








An Audit that will allow the leader to walk away with three possible actions that are applicable immediately to commence the transition to team Unity.



Debrief of your own Psychometric Tool: Leadership Practices Inventory (post purchase and completion of an LPI360)
The global leader of leadership psychometric tools, the debrief process will incorporate the completion of a 360 process, the debrief of the resulting report and the beginning of creating an Action Development Plan.


‘Being Leadership’ Mini-Masterclass

This personalized workshop will differentiate ‘being and doing leadership’. With strong foundations being the key to success with leadership actions, this masterclass will provide opportunity to re-prioritize leadership behavior.


Customized Leadership Intervention

A multi-faceted 04 month development program, customized around an organization’s set of leadership priorities; evolving the organization to Level 1 of creating change (Awareness of the need for Change, and the Desire to Actively Contribute to the Change).


Creating Strategic Business Issue Resolution

A 3-part thinking and development collaborative team process, customized for a specific business issue, producing your team’s strategic roadmap to navigate the challenge and change.  A combination of techniques from The Balanced Scorecard, The Leadership Challenge and The 5 Principles of a Strategic-Focused Organization. 

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Maximize performance in a way that you never feel like you are working.

- Debbie Nicol

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Get to Know Me

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All initiatives that ‘business en motion’ design and facilitate ensure no stone is left unturned. Systemic change, on both individual and organizational levels, is at the root of all corporate activity and is reflected in the depth of design, and focus on both simplicity and outcomes. She skillfully combines learning and development along with coaching (individual and team), creating and implementing solutions that bring real change. ‘business en motion’ is approachable, inclusive, agile and most important, facilitates business results of increased engagement and productivity which I’ve observed collectively positively impact growth in revenues and reductions in cost!



Where To Find Me

Dubai (UAE)

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